Gastronomical Journeys: Nordic Crisps


New Nordic Cuisine also known as Scandinavian food is a dynamic form of food whose birthplace resides in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki.So its basically like turning Europe upside down.Nordic food is prepared on the basis of three key elements:purity,simplicity and freshness.It encourages usage of only seasonal foods,preparation of traditional dishes using ingredients benefitting from theRead more

Gastronomical Journeys: German Sauerkraut


Sauerkraut is another great fermented salad that is very popular in eastern and Central Europe and of course Germany.Sauerkraut is a natural probiotic and perfect recipe for a unhealthy gut.Sauerkraut is not only a rich source of Vitamin C,B,K but it also contains important nutrients like calcium,magnesium,fiber,folate,iron,potassium,copper and manganese.Fermented foods are alkaline in nature and helpful in regulating the pH of your body which is imperative for good overall health.

Homemade Marinara Sauce 

marinara sauce

Homemade sauces are always the best, they are devoid of preservative and high levels of sodium.They are super easy to make and perfect for times you have fresh fruits and veggies from th market. INGREDIENTS Fresh Tomatoes-4 Onion-1 Garlic-4 cloves Green Chilli-1 Salt- to taste Black Pepper- 1 teaspoon Oil -1 tablespoon RECIPE Puree tomatoesRead more

Cranberry Sauce

Cranberries are a great source of anti-oxidants, and what better than making a homemade cranberry sauce.Its perfect for toppings on pancakes, ice-creams,pie-fillings,frosting your cakes,filling your beignets(see recipe here),donuts.The sauce needs to be a slight bit of tangy and sweet to give you that much needed punch to spruce up everyday meals.Let’s go over to the rest of the post to learn how to make this simple and yummy cranberry sauce

Khaman Dhokla with a Twist


Dhokla is a very popular dish in Gujarat.Dhokla is available everywhere in the mornings in Gujarat and almost every household lady be it a native or other wise is proficient in making dhokla.Traditionally made it with gram flour traditionally but other variants include,rava and vegetable fillings.The recipe isn’t as daunting as the end product looks like.It does require some degree of precision and careful handling of the balance between wet or dry-if you overcook your dhokla burns , if your undercook you ill be eating uncooked flour,if you make it in a steam bath there is a chance water will fill in.Learn how to make perfect dhokla.

The Perfect Cupcake Recipe


How many of you have woken up in the middle of the night feeling like having a sweet or a quick snack.Raise of hands for those who spend several minutes staring at the refrigerator thinking what to eat. Experts may connect your food cravings to deficiencies in bodies, well I agree that is one way to look at it, but another way to look at it is do something about those cravings.Here is a super quick recipe for a choco-vanillia cupcake that can be made within 15min with very few ingredients which will already be present in your kitchen.If you want to stay awake you can convert this one to choco-coffee cupcakes.Also I believe that adding little bit of instant expresso and a pinch of salt brings out the taste of the chocolate.Want more?

Veg Tunday Kababi


Hi, everyone knows about Tunday Kababs from Lucknow but unfortunately they are only made with lamb.Now those of you who don’t eat lamb in particular or are vegetarian feel left out.So here is a question: Why should non-vegetarians have all the fun? Introducing my Signature Dish Veg Tunday Kababi , made with 21 distinct spices touchingRead more

Colourful Cocoa Butter Bark | Not Your Usual Chocolate Bark


  Who doesn’t love chocolate and did you know it’s fairly simple to make your own ? This one isn’t your regular dark chocolate instead I have used white cocoa butter for that silken melt in the mouth thin cocoa bark.Its perfect for holiday season for gifting  and for just keep in store.Whenever you wantRead more

Kuttu ka Aata or Buckwheat Flour Croquettes 


  Happy Sashtmi to all.Today is the 7th day of the nine day festival of Navratri and some of you might be fasting today.During fasting whole grains,rice and lentils are not consumed.But to stay energised throughout the day a fruit based diet along with items made with buckwheat flour ,water chest nut flour and amarnathRead more