I’m Akansha , a cubicle worker by day ,bon vivant by night.Risking my job and well being I have signed up for a rather deranged hobby of making insanely decadent desserts each day till the next year.Started this blog in 2016 with the intent to share recipes from all over the world.I have a passion for cooking.I believe in living simply and eating seasonally.My favourite recipe is a no bake pecan chocolate pie.Like most I enjoy all things sweet so do drop by my posts on “sweet tooth” for a little bit of sugar.I am a tea-lover and big fan of quirky things.Given a choice to pick between shoes and clothes I’d pick shoes. My latest obsession are my Denny Bradford Black Belly Shoes by Clarks.I love to travel as and when I can.I frequently try to recreate my version of the street food I come across.


active_lifestyle            Catching my breath during a trek while a dog photobombs me :P


Like shopping for clothes relaxes most people, shopping for food relaxes me. I sleep a whole lot better when I know my pantry is full, my dough is set and kitchen is neat and tidy. While I don’t have a profession degree I love to experiment with food.Trying my hand on gourmet cooking this summer.My New Year resolution this year is to master 10 french recipes, be more active and no procrastination.

From the bottom of my heart thank you for reading and following along! I read all your comments and truly enjoy connecting with you all! XX Akansha