Fall Recipes-Cabbage and Potato Kebabs

A dusky evening in India – beautiful autumn foliage , the nip in the air and the fragrance of incense burning in Puja pandals.Fresh Autumn harvest brings to you an endless supply of Nordic vegetables aka root vegetables.I am sure you would be finding sweet potatoes , cabbage,tapioca,red onions,cauliflower,pumpkin and lots of leafy greens.In today’sRead more

Welcoming the Fall 

Just couple of days past the official first day of fall passed.Fall started ☔️☃🌨winter is coming ! It’s time you would have started seeing fresh fall vegetables flooding your farmers market or local vegetable market.Besides going us respite from the heat wave the certain chill in the air is so comforting.The breeze feels like aRead more

Vegetable Paella 

veg paella

Paella is the national dish of Spain most popular as the regional dish of Valencia.Its ricecooked  with lots of vegetables and made entirely in broth for extra flavour.I took inspiration from Gwyneth Paltros recipe for vegans in in Cape Town and South Africa.She describes making paella as if one were doing alchemy and not cooking.ItsRead more