Colourful Cocoa Butter Bark | Not Your Usual Chocolate Bark


  Who doesn’t love chocolate and did you know it’s fairly simple to make your own ? This one isn’t your regular dark chocolate instead I have used white cocoa butter for that silken melt in the mouth thin cocoa bark.Its perfect for holiday season for gifting  and for just keep in store.Whenever you wantRead more

Kuttu ka Aata or Buckwheat Flour Croquettes 


  Happy Sashtmi to all.Today is the 7th day of the nine day festival of Navratri and some of you might be fasting today.During fasting whole grains,rice and lentils are not consumed.But to stay energised throughout the day a fruit based diet along with items made with buckwheat flour ,water chest nut flour and amarnathRead more

Welcoming the Fall 

Just couple of days past the official first day of fall passed.Fall started ☔️☃🌨winter is coming ! It’s time you would have started seeing fresh fall vegetables flooding your farmers market or local vegetable market.Besides going us respite from the heat wave the certain chill in the air is so comforting.The breeze feels like aRead more