Golden Matcha Brownie 


This is the first post of the new series called Microwave and Bake.It will feature quick and easy recipes most of which would be doable in under 5min and require very few ingredients and of course a microwave.Before starting the series I would like to talk about some safety instructions before starting to use yourRead more

Aachari Aloo

Cooking with mustard oil has been a part of Indian Tradition.With industrialisation however the old and authentic methods of cooking have then a backseat and comfort has taken preference over what’s good for your body.Mustard oil is a very healthy oil for cooking, it doesn’t smoke easily either so it’s perfect from stir frying toRead more

Katachi Amti 

  A special Maharashtrian Spicy Lentil recipe that will leave you drooling all over.Made with chana daal or whole gram lentil it’s a very popular food amongst Indians.Its a little heavy on the stomach so curry,asafoetida,coriander and cumin are added to balance the dish.A special variant of Indian hot spice called ghoda masala is usedRead more

Bread Upma 

I love cooking from seasonal vegetables, thanks to the recurring rains and strikes in Bangalore, getting fresh vegetables is becoming difficult in the neighbourhood.Add to it the monsoon , strict no no to green vegetables and what not, almost everything has germs and insects.Its getting quite challenging to keep everyday food interesting with a limitedRead more

Gastronomical Journeys: German Sauerkraut


Sauerkraut is another great fermented salad that is very popular in eastern and Central Europe and of course Germany.Sauerkraut is a natural probiotic and perfect recipe for a unhealthy gut.Sauerkraut is not only a rich source of Vitamin C,B,K but it also contains important nutrients like calcium,magnesium,fiber,folate,iron,potassium,copper and manganese.Fermented foods are alkaline in nature and helpful in regulating the pH of your body which is imperative for good overall health.

Homemade Marinara Sauce 

marinara sauce

Homemade sauces are always the best, they are devoid of preservative and high levels of sodium.They are super easy to make and perfect for times you have fresh fruits and veggies from th market. INGREDIENTS Fresh Tomatoes-4 Onion-1 Garlic-4 cloves Green Chilli-1 Salt- to taste Black Pepper- 1 teaspoon Oil -1 tablespoon RECIPE Puree tomatoesRead more

Tahari ,Vegetable Pulav

Authentic Marwadi Style Tahari #SatvikCooking This one pot rice recipe is to die for.Served and cooked completely in desi ghee(clarified butter) tahari has a very royal rich taste and is very healthy.Its a great way to eat veggies and potential source of carbohydrates.The spices used in making the tahari give a great aroma to theRead more