Lemon Pie with Olive Oil & Sea Salt


  Traditional lemon pie/bars balance the sourness and sweetness of  the lemon curd with a rich buttery shortbread crust. This recipe adds extra notes of flavour to the mix: the compelling bitterness of olive oil to cut some of that sweetness and a touch of sea salt sprinkled on top.One of my favourite ingredients inRead more

Whole Wheat Breakfast Muffins


  How many of you have woken up in the middle of the night feeling like having a sweet or a quick snack.Raise of hands for those who spend several minutes staring at the refrigerator thinking what to eat. Experts may connect your food cravings to deficiencies in bodies, well I agree that is oneRead more

Mixed Berry Summer Hand-pies


  Autumn is here again.Fall brings with itself the beautiful foliage and tasty fruits.So I recently got hold of some colourful berries at my local grocery store. I thought let’s make something sweet with it.Berries are very sweet and sour.They are great antioxidants. Don’t worry we won’t be doing anything elaborate here.A very simple handRead more

Valentine Linzer Cookies


  Valentine’s day is almost here and her I am with another fantastic dessert for valentine’s day.These buttery cookies won’t just melt in your mouth they are sure to melt hearts.You need very few ingredients and not a lot of skills for this one. Just don’t be tempted to over-mix or over-bake and you’ll doRead more

Valentine’s Day Special Swiss Meringue Sandwiches


  Valentine’s day is just around the corner and what better than making these sweet and decadent desserts for your friends and family.Except the part where you have to whip the egg whites the whole process of making a meringue is quite easy.Invest in a good hand blender and you wouldn’t find this recipe hardRead more

Charred Pavlova


  If you are looking for a perfect spring time dessert you have come to the right place.Pavlova is a light, airy, decadent dessert that pairs so well with other condiments on your brunch table.This one is my go to dessert during the strawberry season.Pavlova, a classic Australian dessert is a great example of howRead more

Dried Apricot & Coconut Energy Clusters


I am going to tell you about my inspiration for this recipe. Some time back I saw a documentary on the life of people living in the Hunza Valley.Legend has it that people don’t age in Hunza valley, women can bear children to the age of 70 and everyone is very healthy. While attributed toRead more

Pâte à Choux a.k.a Cream Puffs a.k.a Profiteroles


The core of french baking is best quality ingredients.  Measure your ingredients to the last milligram. French baking is about precision and flawless execution.Profiteroles are rich decadent and mouth watering.Stuffed with a custard or a butter cream filling.I know there are some vegan variants for Pate a Choux but my personal opinion please don’t botherRead more