Community Cookoff 


I have been having a really busy week but this weekend when I got time to recharge my batteries I indulged in a community Cookoff.It was one of a kind and my first experience of cooking together with other home chefs.This includes coming up with recipes on the spot with the basic ingredients you have been given.It means you need to work together to make sure everything gets done perfectly.At the end it’s you who would be eaten your food so I am sure you would be very careful in cooking what you do.This community Cookoff was organised at a rustic and beautiful renovated Slurp Studio, Indiranagar by Archana’s Kitchen.Here is a photo of our team who cooked together and collaborated for 2 hours to make a yummy spread for our community brunch.


Slurp Studio is a one stop destination for cooking lovers because it provides you everything , they have 6 stoves , abundant cooking and baking ware, beautiful cutlery and over the top elements added to the kitchen.This is a great place for friends to cook together or for teams to cook together and engage network and have fun.The place offers an outdoor table made of distressed wood and gives such a countryside feel.Imagine a Saturday afternoon with your close pals sipping your own cocotion of choice and a sumptuous spread.Trust me it just doesn’t get better than that.You are still in the high traffic prone Bangalore but the place gives you feels of being in the middle of a meadow by a farm.I cooked for 2 hrs but I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.What made the cooking even more fun was the fact that we were made to switch our cooking positions after half time which was a surprise so we ended up with stuff that was completely different from what we started off with.

                                    Yam Chips with a dressing of curry leaves and garlic 😋

We had to highlight their herb which was curry leaves for our team, and we had to cook with yam, cottage cheese, capsicum-red, yellow and green and rice.So here is how we planned.We decided on dehydrated yam chips which we then temper with some Indian curry tadka which is curry leaves, garlic, salt, pepper and chilli.This highlights the herb.Then we went with layered rice where we had herb rice layered with coconut and coriander chutney and some cottage cheese pulav.For the dessert we made capsicum halwa which is a very unique dish and is a very famous dessert in Rajasthan. To do complete justice to the dish I will be recreating the recipe with my personal twist in a different post.So we finally started and halfway through we were made to switch tables where some other team and had already started cooking.

Now after the switch we were at a table which had mushrooms, dough, beetroot, tofu and chocolate.The herb for this table was lemon grass.The participants had prepared the dough for the homemade flat noodles but the dough needed to be rolled and then processed to form pasta noodles and of course boiled.The beetroot was PAN seared with garlic and had to be converted into a beetroot yoghurt.It was flavoured with thyme to bring out the element of earthiness. The mushrooms were chopped and had to be sautéed with some salt pepper and garlic.They were the ingredient of the healthy Asian bowl with tofu gently cooked.The broth of the mushrooms was supposed to be the base of the soup.Now for dessert a chocolate truffle with a touch of lemon grass for that citrus and sharp taste was planned.This had to be rolled over pistachios.Seems really easy right but it’s not so easy when it comes to tempering chocolate and making sure it sets before you roll out your truffles.We also dusted the truffle with some hot chocolate powder just to balance the nutty flavour from the pistachios and the sharpened of the lemon grass.The image above is the final look of the dishes we cooked together, a soup/starter , MainCourse and dessert.

That’s all folks,hope you enjoyed reading, so share your thoughts in comments below.

Much Love