Gastronomical Journeys: German Sauerkraut


Fermented Sauerkraut releases the juices and softens the cabbage

Sauerkraut is another great fermented salad that is very popular in eastern and Central Europe and of course Germany.Sauerkraut is a natural probiotic and perfect recipe for a unhealthy gut.Sauerkraut is not only a rich source of Vitamin C,B,K but it also contains important nutrients like calcium,magnesium,fiber,folate,iron,potassium,copper and manganese.Sauercraut is also used in treating stomach ulcers naturally.Sauerkraut is an excellent probiotic and a great alternative for lactose intolerant people.Not only this it is also used in making of Dutch recipe like Stampot and Czech Vepro-knedlozlo.Fermented foods are alkaline in nature and helpful in regulating the pH of your body which is imperative for good overall health.

Here is a closer look at fresh Sauercraut when stuffed in do canning.I would suggest you to use some clean kitchen weights to weigh down the cabbage and have it fully submerged in the juices.I have added some cumin seeds got taste but that’s totally optional.You can also add in some carrots and radishes or spice it up with jalapeños , I wanted it to bea traditional one so I skipped.Also on a side note I will be showing you how to do a Dutch Stampot because of which I am not adding anything to the Sauercraut.In a couple of weeks your Sauercraut will be ready, after 4-6 weeks the taste of the sauerkraut comes out really well.In Nordic cuisine which I will be talking about soon in coming posts the red cabbage is used instead of the regular one for more colour and flavour.

As you can see from the images I have chopped up my cabbage really fine into thin stripes and have made sure my cabbage doesn’t get bruised by nails.You can conversely also do this in a food processor and blend your cabbage to a shredded texture.This is completely your choice.

P.S  Yes I am wearing a lemon yellow shade on my nails ☺️

The things you need for this recipe are fairly few and simple.This is so much better than store bought canned Sauerkraut(sigh : relief) .Now let’s go over the ingredients so that we can get started.


  • Fresh Cabbage-1
  • Cumin Seeds-1 tablespoon
  • Salt-2 tablespoon


  1. Start by washing your cabbage and then drying it completely before starting, if you got very clean cabbage then you can kip this step
  2. Thinly chop cabbage into strands as you can see in images above and keep aside
  3. Add in salt to the cabbage and let it sit for 5-10mim after which you flip it gently with your hands
  4. Squeeze in the water and keep again for 5min
  5. Repeat the step 4 three times and add in cumin seeds at the last one
  6. Store your Sauerkraut in an airtight container , I have chosen a mason glass jar

Serve it as topping for your salads, have it with pickles,add it to rice they are numerous things that you can go with this simple recipe.

Hope you enjoyed reading, do try out the recipe and share your experiences in comments below.

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