Homemade Crumbly Apple Pie




Who doesn’t love pie ? Can be made sweet as well as savoury and isn’t it just the best. Be it spring or autumn you can never go wrong with pie. Apple pie is a very easy recipe and it looks sort of rustic and gourmet because of the way the crust is braided. The ingredients you need are very few and you probably have most of them on hand. I would suggest not to eyeball or substitute anything.Yes this is going to be a high fat recipe, and its not something you eat everyday.There is a lot of butter and why not everything tastes so much better with butter.



Now I had previously posted the recipe for a flaky pie crust from scratch, incase you missed it, check it out over here. Coming to the filling , don’t peel the apples the texture from the skin is amazing.If you peel the apple which you absolutely can if you want to the apples get cooked and caramelised with the sugars and its just a bit mushy. I like my pie with a nice bite to it. You can also do this with plums or figs.Fig and Honey are a great combination for a pie filling and would be out of the world kind a good for a Sunday brunch.




Lets talk decorations, how do I make my pie look pretty like in a fairy tale. There are hundreds of videos and posts on the internet telling you creative ways to do the top for your pie crust. I followed the very easy lattice pattern, which consists of alternating the strips.You can get fancy and make flowers or patterns to decorate your pie. You could also use edible roses and flowers to give it the feel of spring .Its totally up to you.After all food is meant to be enjoyed by all the 5 senses. A pie that looks visually appealing is always better than one which just tastes good. Coming to the glaze, you can do egg wash which is just one egg beaten with a little bit of water and milk or you could do only egg whites or milk depending on how much browning you want in your crust.As a simple rule of thumb:

Browning the crust —————————————->

Milk<Egg Whites+Water< Whole Egg+ Water+Milk



A mini pie just for me ­čśë

Do tell me what is favourite pie and any secrets of your special pie.Hope you enjoyed reading, do try out the recipe and share your thoughts and comments down below.If you wish to connect with me or share any ideas or suggestions feel free to reach out to me at mailto:spiceyandsavory@gmail.com/

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