Oreo Cookie Chocolate Pie 

Chocolate is the answer  to all problems that have been or are going to be.Indulging yourself in some chocolate isn’t just a sure shot way to uplift your mood but also helps to provide you that much needed antioxidant and flavonoid kick to your body. Now in this recipe I have used unsweetened cocoa bean powder to give it the fresh punch of the chocolaty feeling.I used an entire pack of Oreos for the crust.Its a no bake under 15minute recipe which will be one of the best desserts you ever had in your entire life.This pie has a crumbly buttery crust, a molten lava like filling and a mouse like surface that stays semi frozen.The nuts add a salty balance to the sweet chocolate and do a little extra.Without further adieu let’s get started with the recipe.

Here are some images and close up shots to tempt you to make it 😂


  • Unsweetened Cocoa Powder-3 tablespoon 
  • Espresso Coffe -1 teaspoon 
  • Sugar-3 tablespoon 
  • Oreo Cookies – 1 packet 
  • Butter -50g
  • Cream-100ml
  • Salt-1/8 teaspoon 


  1. Start by powdering your Oreo cookies into crumbles using a blender and add melter butter to make it a sticky frumpy texture.
  2. In a double boiler add in cocoa powder along with a hint of expresso, cream,salt and sugar and stir at low heat till everything is well combined.
  3. Line your pie dish with parchment paper and make a crust by gently pressing in the buttery Oreo mix in step 1.Let it cool for an hour proceeding to the next step.
  4. Pour in the chocolaty filling in the Oreo cookie crust and let it set for about 4-5 hours before consumption 
  5. You can top it with roasted nuts , I chose peanuts for added flavour.

Serve as a sinfully indulging dessert for any time of the day.

Hope you enjoyed reading , do try out the recipe and share your experiences in comments below.

Much Love