Golden Matcha Brownie 


This is the first post of the new series called Microwave and Bake.It will feature quick and easy recipes most of which would be doable in under 5min and require very few ingredients and of course a microwave.Before starting the series I would like to talk about some safety instructions before starting to use yourRead more

Aachari Aloo

Cooking with mustard oil has been a part of Indian Tradition.With industrialisation however the old and authentic methods of cooking have then a backseat and comfort has taken preference over what’s good for your body.Mustard oil is a very healthy oil for cooking, it doesn’t smoke easily either so it’s perfect from stir frying toRead more

Shortbread Cookies with Citrus Sugar Glaze 

Shortbread cookies are yummy crumbly soft cookies made with a very few ingredients.They have a very light buttery texture and taste incredibly good.You can top them with caramel,chocolate,meringue,lime zest or add in berries of your choice. You can also use avocado instead of butter and make a vegan low fat version of this cookie.The baseRead more

Katachi Amti 

  A special Maharashtrian Spicy Lentil recipe that will leave you drooling all over.Made with chana daal or whole gram lentil it’s a very popular food amongst Indians.Its a little heavy on the stomach so curry,asafoetida,coriander and cumin are added to balance the dish.A special variant of Indian hot spice called ghoda masala is usedRead more