How to Make Sun-dried Tomatoes


Couple of days back I went to the store to buy groceries and had myself wanting some sun-dried tomatoes. You will agree with me on this -packaged goods are so very expensive in the stores. I don’t see any point paying 200 bucks for a handful of sun-dried tomatoes.For something that costs so less isRead more

Candied Ginger


Candied ginger is just perfect around the fall. Not only do you get the fresh batch of ginger harvested. The light fawn textured almost ripe variant, its so fragrant and good for health. In Asian cultures its believed that ginger is very good for . If you’d like to whip up a recipe loaded withRead more

Capsicum Halwa with Bel Pepper Reduction

capsicum halwa

Have you ever wondered how to make a sweet dish out of something as pungent and spicy as capsicum ? If yes please let me know in comments below I would love to try it, if no check my take on halwa made with red and yellow bell peppers.Its a minimalist recipe which requires veryRead more