Holi Special Mini Spicy Cocktail Samosas


Holi is a very popular colourful festival in India. It’s listed amongst 10 colourful festivals all over the world.Being born and raised in India Holi is not just about fun it’s a tradition.Whether it’s tasty homemade snacks or getting together with family and friends Holi is all about love and warmth. I am going to be honest with you I am not a fan of playing colours or mud or however Holi is played but I will tell what to do to have the best time during Holi.This holi we are going to make very tasty simple and easy savoury recipes. As tradition has it during Holi we prefer savoury food and during Diwali we prefer sweets.While known all over India as cocktail samosa , this samosa is very famous during Holi. There is also a version where they fill in dry fruits to make it all the more rich and decadent.

Almond and Besan Ladoo 


Ladoo is a very popular Indian dessert that is made with puré ghee on special occasions.The history of Indian food dates 5000 years back and the key ingredient for most Indian Sweets that is ghee is found mentioned in rig Veda one of India’s ancient literatures.Preparing Ladoo is not such a tedious process and IRead more

Capsicum Halwa with Bel Pepper Reduction

capsicum halwa

Have you ever wondered how to make a sweet dish out of something as pungent and spicy as capsicum ? If yes please let me know in comments below I would love to try it, if no check my take on halwa made with red and yellow bell peppers.Its a minimalist recipe which requires veryRead more