Dehydrated Cured Egg Yolks ~Elevate


The easiest way to transform something simple into purely gourmet. Lot of restaurants are putting a spin on off-beat recipes like spaghetti and salads by adding golden curls of dehydrated salt cured egg yolks. Its the perfect way to elevate a simple dish and you would be surprised to know how easy it is.Salt has been used since ages to cure meat & fish and preserve food.The process of curing in a case of eggs takes about 48 hrs, you can go all the way to 4-6 days depending on how hard you want your eggs to get. I would suggest keeping them longer for that parmesan cheese kind of texture. If you soft poached eggs, just leave the egg yolks for a couple of hours and you’ll have a very different take on poached eggs.Trust me you’d feel like a magician turning boring eggs to crumbly packs of umami.




You want to further elevate the cured eggs ? Add in seasonings, Chef Elise Kornack at the Bon Appetite test kitchen recommends using bonito flakes and bay leaves along with your sugar-salt mixture. You can also do thyme for that earthiness, you can do Italian seasonings, you can even do freshly cracked black pepper.I didn’t add additional flavour to my cured eggs because I want to be able to use them in both sweet as well as savoury dishes.For those of you who have tasted Chinese Mooncakes , very popular around the CNY which was there like a week ago, cured egg yolks are also used as a filling for them.The best part about cured egg yolks is that you can chill them for like a month, make them before hand and serve it at your next dinner party.So GOURMET, instantly takes your food to the next level master-chef style.






I know what you’re thinking after looking at the pictures, man this looks insanely fancy. Again I repeat they are very easy to make and honestly there isn’t much to do. You just let the eggs sit there buried in a pile of salt and sugar.Don’t be tempted to check them or poke them while they are sitting in your refrigerator.Have some faith in the process, salt will draw out the moisture and sugar will help kill the bad bacteria and retain the good one. A lot of asian cultures use cured eggs dipped in soy sauce as an addition to their ramen noodles or soups.It gives it a very authentic and natural umami flavour.The ingredients are very few and obvious and even a plastic box (BPA proof) will do.The texture is kind of like an apricot , its shiny and slightly soft after you wash it and its like a dried aged cheese after dehydration.




Hope you enjoyed reading, do try out the recipe and share your photos and experiences in comments down below.If you wish to connect with me or share any ideas or if there is a recipe you want me to recreate for you feel free to write to me at

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  • Prep Time: 48h
  • Cook Time: 2h
  • Total Time: 50h


  • 4 packages Egg Yolks,fresh
  • 1 cup Kosher Salt
  • 1 cup Sugar
  • 1 tablespoon Seasonings, optional


  1. Pulse salt and sugar in food processor until evenly mixed and slightly ground
  2. Add a layer of the sugar-salt about a few cm thick in a box or tray and make indentations with a lime to place the egg yolks
  3. With 1 egg at a time crack eggs separating the yolks from whites and transfer yolks to indentations in salt bed
  4. Let it sit undisturbed in the refrigerator for 48 hrs and then fish out your cured yolk
  5. Scrub off the excess salt with a brush gently and then wash it in water
  6. Dehydrate it at 150F-175F (60-90C) for 1.5 hrs or leave it in a unheated oven for 2 days to naturally dehydrate
  7. Place in an airtight container in a cool and dry place

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