Valentine’s Day, What to Cook if You Don’t Know How to Cook ???  “The food of love” , Home cooked food is filled with love and is undoubtedly the best gift you can possibly give anyone.Why waste time looking for parking? in my humble opinion I think Valentine’s day is the worst night in the year to go out for dinner. If you want it to be a special evening do you really want to share it with 100-odd strangers in a packed restaurant that will almost invariably overcharge crazily you for the privilege – and certainly for the champagne? ok I know what you are going to say to me ” Akansha you want us to be slaving in front of the hot stove in the kitchen on Valentine’s Day? ” I hear you my friend that is why i I am putting together a set of super easy idiot proof recipes.

First, don’t panic , we will get through this ! ­čÖé pull yourself together and get started.Here is what we are going to do- we will start with very simple and easy recipes to help you pull off a 3 course meal at home. Of course if you wish to go out someplace fancy and celebrate its totally up to you. Its just that cooking a lovely meal adds a little extra to the occasion



Throwing a great dinner party is all about understanding and knowing your guests. You can go as elaborate or as simple and classy as you wish to. I suggest design your menu before time and also keep a few dishes as a backup if you’re an amateur cook. There is no harm in buying that ready made pie crust or puff pastry , I don’t suggest it but I won’t judge you if you do I promise.The great thing about food is that even the most simplest of things could be presented to look absolutely gourmet.Take an example of braised cucumbers, simple yet so full of texture and favour.




You could do your choice of veggies with a balsamic glaze, a salted caramel topping or even a reduction – hibiscus ,rose or any fruit of your choice.A simple Caprese Salad with a Balsamic Vinaigrette could be a game changer.Before we jump on to the food lets look at table settings. I would suggest keep it simple, pick a theme and go with it. For instance a classic candle-light always works.A bouquet of fresh flowers, some tea candles and beautiful cutlery can do magic.




Even if you decide to pre-order most of your meals, I would suggest you at least make dessert.Anything sugary, chocolaty is great.Try these super easy sugar cookies or linzer cookies.They come together in under a hr and you can prepare them ahead of time with just a handful of ingredients.You can also prepare fruits dipped in chocolate and topped with icing , that always looks great.You can do chocolate bark with your favourite toppings. You can do a butter cream frosted shortbread cookie and overload it with a generous amount of sprinkles.If you’re interested in something more gourmet, try a strawberry panacotta, it seems complicated but is quite simple to begin with.



The magic of balsamic vinegar reduction on roasted seasoned tomatoes


Happy cooking guys! Hope your Valentine’s dates are cozy, romantic, and just the right amount of sugar and spice ­čśë
xoxo Akansha