Almond Lace Cookies a.k.a Italian Florentines


  If you’re in a mood for a light crispy cookie, give this one a try. Almond Lace cookies also known as florentines are very popular in gourmet desserts, frequently used as a garnish.You can customise the cookie by adding in almonds or any dry fruits of your choice.You can drizzle some chocolate if youRead more

Valentine Linzer Cookies


  Valentine’s day is almost here and her I am with another fantastic dessert for valentine’s day.These buttery cookies won’t just melt in your mouth they are sure to melt hearts.You need very few ingredients and not a lot of skills for this one. Just don’t be tempted to over-mix or over-bake and you’ll doRead more

Chunky Valentine’s Day Special Chocolate Cookies


  Chocolate is  natural aphrodisiac. What better dessert to make for Valentine’s day than chunky decadent chocolate chip cookies.This recipe is super simple and idiot proof. There is no way you can screw this one up.The best part about this recipe is that it comes together so quickly and requires a handful of ingredients onlyRead more

Valentine’s Day Special Lemon Cookies


  Lemon cookies are yummy crumbly soft cookies made with a very few ingredients.They have a very light buttery texture and taste incredibly good.You can top them with caramel, chocolate, meringue, lime zest or add in berries of your choice. You can also use avocado instead of butter and make a vegan low fat versionRead more

Cherry Chocolate Cookies

Sweet decadent melt int he mouth cookies on a breezy summer Saturday afternoon at the comfort of your home, doesn’t it sound amazing?Lets get started on the recipe shall we ­čÖé   INGREDIENTS All-Purpose flour-3 tablespoon Gram Flour-1 tablespoon Baking Powder-1/2 teaspoon Milk-100ml Salt-1/8 teaspoon Granulated Sugar-2 tablespoon Clarified Butter or Ghee-2 tablespoon Cherries-6,7 JamRead more